The Ultimate Fruit & Veg Box

Its here! The ultimate fruit & veg box has landed! If your unsure which box to order, this box has it all! With a great selection of both there is something for everyone. Make space in that fridge because healthy is coming!!

Box contains-

2kg Spuds, 1KG Carrots,Onions, Lettuce, Tomatos, 4 other Veg items and as for the juicy fruit selection we have 4 Apples, 4 Pears/Extra large Oranges, 1 Berry, 5 Bananas, 4 Satsumas, 4 Kiwi/Plums/Peaches, one larger item like Melon, Pineapple or Grapes!

Items will change every week, if there is something your not fond of please just let us know and we will swap it for something else!

*PLEASE NOTE: Some items maybe unavailable on the day of delivery and will be swapped for a healthy similar alternative*