Love Your Insides Smoothie Box

This box of freshness detoxes, cleanses and hydrates your body from the inside out! Leaving you feeling happy, healthy and glowing. Crammed with the superfoods and vitamins our ‘Love Your Insides’ smoothies truly help to maintain a balances diet, a happy tummy and a happy mind. We only hand select our favourite energy boosting recipes that will leave you not only feeling cleansed from the inside out but you will enjoy each sip that is nothing but highly nutritious and extremely good for you!

Our recipes for this awesome detoxifying smoothie box will change weekly to keep it fresh, each of our recipes will make a minimum of one large glass per recipe. In each box we don't believe on cutting corners so there will always be some fruit left over for you to use as you wish. 

Our smoothie boxes may contain lovely things such as different milks (coconut,almond,soya) nuts and seeds so its super important that you state in the comments box if you have any allergies we need to know about.

All of our boxes only contain the highest quality fruit, making our boxes not only cost effective but the fresh produce will also last much longer. Beat that supermarkets!

Recipes change weekly