Love Mornings Smoothie Box

How do you like your smoothie in the morning? We like ours in the Love MorningBox!

More energising than a cup of coffee with none of the caffeine crash… the raw ingredients in the ‘Love Morning’ box is an incredibly healthy, invigorating way to start your day. Not a morning person? These ‘Love Morning’ smoothies are also great as a pick you up throughout the day. We will be sending you a great balance and variety of different smoothies. From seriously fruity to super healthy green ones! That why you get a great variety to keep it different for each breakfast time. When you wake up, your body has been fasting overnight, in the morning your body is relying on breakfast to boost your metabolism and get your body out of ‘starvation’ mode. Breakfast is of corse the most important meal of the day after all! With the ‘Love Mornings’ smoothie box theres no excuses for skipping breakfast because our simple easy to follow recipes will also save you time and fit into our never ending busy schedules!

Our recipes for this awesome mornings smoothie box will change weekly to keep it fresh, each of our recipes will make a minimum of one large glass per recipe. In each box we don't believe on cutting corners so there will always be some fruit left over for you to use as you wish. 

Our smoothie boxes may contain lovely things such as different milks (coconut,almond,soya) nuts and seeds so its super important that you state in the comments box if you have any allergies we need to know about.

All of our boxes only contain the highest quality fruit, making our boxes not only cost effective but the fresh produce will also last much longer. Beat that supermarkets!

Changes Weekly