Large Meat Box

We have put together a awesome selection of our favourite meats for the meat lover in the household. We are proud to be teaming up with our favourite local butchers form Latham, Lancashire that produce only the finest award winning cuts of meat to bring you nothing but quality for your local meat box delivery.

This mega box contains-

1.5kg Barn reared chicken breasts (6/7)

2 x 8oz Ranch steaks

2 x 8oz Pork medallions

500g Grass-fed British Mince 

1 x 1kg Pulled Pork Joint (Cook in the bag) or 1kg Luxury Loin joint

4 x 4oz British Burgers 

2 x 16oz MEGA Gammon Steaks

12 x British Meatballs (15% Fat)

500g x Diced British Steak (Super lean)

1 x 8 Packs of thick cut dry cured bacon 

1 x 6 Plain homemade sausages

1 x 4 Homemade flavoured sausages (Changes weekly)

2 x 8oz Thick Rib steaks

Meat fest!!!

*Image shown is for illustration purposes only and is not necessarily representative of actual contents.
Where stated, weights are approximate and supplied weight will be as close to the stated weight as possible.