Cancellations & Refunds

How to cancel my subscription- 

Please note that your repeat orders can be cancelled at any time as long as the payment hasn't already be taken as the order would of already been generated. To cancel any future orders all that you would simply need to do is log into your account, manage your subscription and cancel it or skip it yourself.

Please note that this needs to be done by you (the customer) so that all details are correct and you will get a confirmation email to confirm your repeat order has been cancelled. 



Refunds will only be issued if products are damaged. Photo evidence must be provided. Or if an item that you have ordered is out of stock we will refund payment.

If you have been issued a refund, please note that depending on the method that you have paid for your original order, refunds can take 9-10 working days. If after this your refund has not yet been refunded back into your account please contact TYP as soon as possible -