About Us

It all started about 5,000 BC when Adam & Eve were put on the planet. They picked that apple off the tree and thought…here’s a great idea…lets deliver fresh fruit & vegetables for juicing/smoothies & soups to people's houses all across the UK and call ourselves The Yoghurt Pot...kidding!!!!

This is what actually happened…


So here it is… my name is Sam and being a farmer's daughter, third generation from a well known farming family in rural Lancashire with over 100 years experience, it was inevitable I would develop a strong passion for the fresher things in life. I have a wealth of experience in the hospitality and catering trade. I have managed a successful business...turning a greasy spoon into a thriving restaurant where customers can eat tasty, satisfying food using fresh ingredients. 

Freshness IS my passion and I believe food straight from the field is the best. After all - thats how Adam and Eve ate it. 

I love getting creative with food and trying new recipes. I know first hand the physical and mental heath benefits of a fresh food diet and I want to pass the message on about how strong your body and mind can be…just by eating fresh.  

 After many experiments in the kitchen making fresh juices and smoothies for my family, friends, colleagues and customers I started to gain a bit of a following. Requests for ideas on how people could incorporate more freshness in their lives started pouring in. 


And so The Yoghurt Pot was born. 


There will be many other people like myself that spend their time staining the kitchen with beetroot juice. And you might question why The Yoghurt Pot? Why not the local supermarket? But my answer is this…

Fruit and Veg is grown fresh. It's born that way. It's not grown in packets or so processed it doesn't even look like food. So why settle for less. Why not fuel your body with the bestest, freshest food you can?!

So here's my offer to you…I’m going to help you bring out the Adam, or Eve in you! I will deliver fresh fruit and vegetables straight to your door. Each and every single item will be hand selected and guaranteed to make your taste buds and your purse happy. 

Each delivery comes with recipes and ideas - whether you're just starting out juicing or smoothing or an expert at making award winning recipes. It's always good to have some new ideas, and if not there's the best recipe of all… 

Throw it all in and create your own Yogurt Pot of loveliness!