January 26, 2019

fresh dill healthy recipes Veg Box delivery near me
Here at TYP HQ it’s all about quick, easy healthy recipes to create yummy, wholesome, and most importantly affordable family meals. One mission that we have stuck with since the beginning is to fill your local vegetable boxes with simple ingredients, not to over complicate things, and bring our customers the everyday ingredients that you love!
As of this week we’re going to be running our ‘Herb of the week’ feature in all set boxes. That will include a small easy yet tasty recipe to try and the herb included with any extra ingredients needed. We will do this till...we have run out of types of herbs!
And so we begin...
Sweet potatoes are already life in most house holds right? So we’ve taken this household favorite and we’ve added one of our favorite fresh herbs...Dill.
Good old Dill in our eyes is a little under rated and has been married off to only be able to make an appearance when accompanied with fish. Not the case!
Fresh Dill & sweet potato from local veg box delivery London
Dill has a very districtive smell, it is packed with many health benefits that can be used for such things like to help to lower high cholesterol, packed with anti-oxidants as we all need those and not forgetting it is also a great breath freshener. Great subtle way to tell your co-worker there breath stinks...
Just make them lunch! Jokes!
We have thrown together a super simple recipe that will be, complete with the main ingredients in all set vegetable boxes in this coming weeks ahead. Prep time is always at a minimum as it’s super important to find go to meals and sides that require minimum effort.
Depending on the choice of oil or low cal cooking spray that you choose to use for example if your following the Slimming World plan, then you've got your self a lovely Syn Free addition to a healthy balanced meal.
Fresh herbs are not used enough and they’re so easy to cook with, so our little new years resoltions is to keep the January health kick going and keeping you guys in the loop with lots of fresh healthy tips and inspiration to get you making the most of your fresh local veg box delivery each week. If you haven’t already don’t forget to check out our awesome range of fresh fruit and meat boxes too!
Is there anything that you would like to see featured in our blogs or recipe cards in the boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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