November 15, 2018

When I first started The Yoghurt Pot I loved writing our little blogs to inform you guys of all the fun exciting things to do with our Smoothie, Juice & Soup recipe boxes, but oh my how far we have come since those days!

With our 3rd birthday fast approaching (Ohhh hello prosecco!) It is really lovely just to be able to take a little minute to look back and actually see how far we have come in that time. 

3 years ago I set off on my own little mission, something I still feel so strong about too! And that was to spread the word one box at a time that the quality you see in the supermarket is not the standard of quality that is acceptable for your dinner plates! If I had £1 for every person that has commented that they cant believe the quality or size of our produce I would be sat in my very own Yoghurt Pot yacht cruising around the Mediterranean, sun on my face, crystal clear blue waters with a butler called Jeffery bringing me giant fancy pants pineapple cocktails with little multi coloured umbrellas in them! 

From making a small selection of boxes in my dads garage (Cheers Ron) to now having our very own unit to work in, real life staff (the best girl team EVER EVER) and not to mention our awesome little van Rita! 

local fruit & veg box delivery van liverpool

We started out with a small range of recipe boxes but boy did we have big ideas and it’s so good to sit back and see what we can offer onlinetoday for UK deliveries right to your door!

After we had such a great response to the recipe boxes we felt it's only right to hop onto the Veg Box train with what we do best and give it a shot, and thats exactly what we did! Our Veg Box selection is aimed to have something for all households, filled with nothing but the best products and produce that actually last! From our giant sweet potatoes to the best cauliflowers in the country!

Sam from The yoghurt Pot delivering fresh fruit & vegetables to your doorWhere does the good stuff come from I hear you ask? Firstly were so lucky to able to say that a large portion of the fresh vegetables come from our very own family farm in Ormskirk, Lancashire where my family has been farming for generations. Taking farm fresh to a whole new level, when your veggies come out the ground in the morning your vegetable box is packed! And secondly we are also super lucky to be situated where we are in the UK as most of the best suppliers are so close to us. Its pretty cool when you can say all of the contents of your Local Only Veg Boxare from within a 6 mile radius!!! BOOM! Keeping food miles low and knowing exactly where everything comes from!

After 2 years of being a small business kicking ass in the Veg Box world and managing to build up a fabulous healthy customer base, we felt like we were missing something…

That brings me to our latest addition our website...

Got Meat?! We couldn’t be more excited that we’re now able to offer our customers a great selection of local award winning meat from our super local butchers, Taylor's Farm in Latham, Lancashire. 

If you're looking for the perfect Meat Box Delivery let me tell you we have got just that! All of our Meatis  premium British quality with absolutely no rubbish added! The grass fed beef is reared on their own farm and man the quality is there! Don't even get me started on the sirloin steaks, the thick cut bacon or the pulled pork joints…Im stopping myself there! (Dribble!!)

Farm fresh Meat Box delivery to your door Liverpool, Lancashire & London

The feedback on the Meat Boxes has been incredible so far and you have to ask yourself ‘where do we go from here?’  Once we got the Meat boxes up and running it felt only right that the cheese had to follow! Not just for me to eat all to myself but for you lovely lot! And not just only cheese…Lancashire Cheese! I know, I know, tell me to stop! 

 With new products being added all the time and many of our old favourites still ticking all of the boxes, We are so proud to now be able to call ourselves a proper online farm shop and in my opinion, a bloody good one too!

I am so pleased to be able to announce that we’re currently in the middle of having a shiny new website being built. It is of corse going to be super pretty and even more user friendly than our current site. So watch this space, and don't forget to keep an eye out for us on the roads...

The Yoghurt Pot Fruit, Vegetable & Meat Box delivery to your door

I would personally like to take this little minute to say thanks, like the really mean it kind of thanks. You guys don't have to listen to me going on about FruitVeg or take the time to go online to order or to even take the time to get in touch with you're lovely comments, but you do… so thanks it really does mean the world!

Now thats enough of me going on for today! Get your healthy asses on the website to check out our awesome Christmas Veg boxes! One less job for mum to do!


Sam x x x 

Christmas vegetable bpox delivery to your door Lancashire, London & Liverpool

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