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February 27, 2016

The Yoghurt Pot adventures! For those of you that know me you will all know how much I love to travel. I can’t help it, I get itchy feet after a few months and crave an adventure! I find theres no better feeling than going to a new place, seeing new beautiful things or to experience a different culture. 

Previously spending many months on the road travelling from one beautiful place to another I found that one of the most common problems, as many of my awesome travel friends would agree, is that living out of a suitcase or in airports does nothing for your diet. It's so difficult to try to maintain a healthy balanced diet when on the road. Even when you try your hardest and alway aim for the healthiest options available, more often than not they are laced with saturated fats, naughty sugars and added preservatives, that our bodies just don't need. 

So, as I began writing my latest blog in Manchester airport, I have chosen to dine in Giraffe, after looking at most of the menus available. This quirky chain seems to offer a variety of healthy breakfast options along with listing the calorific value of each meal. So along with my green tea I’m full of great intentions, to start my little adventure off on a healthy foot (You know the saying I'm trying to say don't you!)


Arriving in Dubai for a very short visit, to meet up with one of my lovely Welsh friends Beulah. She's been working in China, becoming a high flying business lady. We finally get to meet half way in Dubai for a well needed catch up, and why not throw in some of my favourite and well needed vitamins…vitamin D!!!


 With the London marathon training in full swing, my aim on this mini break is to keep the holiday eating and drinking to a minimum. I am actually pleasantly surprised at the amount of healthy options available in all of the different restaurants that we visit. Fresh healthy cooked food is readily available.  I must say there is nothing more pleasing than when you actually come across somewhere that actually serves freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice for breakfast! Yummy! 

(Tip: always be careful of juices and smoothies if they're not fresh you could be in for a huge sugar over load!)


 Generally I think things have improved a great deal in the last few years with regard to more healthy options available, especially when were on the move. It’s great to see. Could this be the end to the easy, yet not so easy on our insides, fast food fixes? 


With holiday season fast approaching, with a little forward thinking and boxing clever, there are more than enough tips and options available to help us now, so there really is no need to get home and break the scales! 

  • Drinking plenty of water is the obvious one
  • take healthy snacks with you to avoid the dreaded airplane food that half the time are unidentified mystery meals
  • be buffet savvy by checking out your options, take a little walk around the buffet tables that way you may be less inclined to pile up your plate as you know what to expect
  • and my favourite tip of all… Get you're dancing shoes on! A great way to burning of some of those Un-wanted holiday calories.  

For advice on awesome dance moves, please contact us at always happy to help!!!


Have a great week,


Sam x x x

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