Getting to know your Juicer/Blender…

January 24, 2016

So you've gone and done it, taken the leap in to the world of juicing & blending! That was the hard (and boring part) choosing and deciding which piece of equipment to buy now comes the fun part!!!

Where to begin? Apart from the obvious and ordering the most incredible, awesome fresh ingredients from the best website in the whole world ever ever (Hint Hint) We need to learn what works best for us.

For me, as I have mentioned in my previous blogs, when you're finding out your preferences the only way really is process of elimination. Go on make a few mistakes, don't be frightened to try new things! By the process of elimination and keeping an open mind will help you to decide which drinks you love the most! The worst thing you can do is try something thats not for you, putting you off making anymore and the machine goes back in the box to collect dust. Thats not cool! 


I would always start with bright colours, we tend to taste with our eyes (I know that sounds strange!) But that way you're easing yourself into it, then before you know it you will be hooked! Of course everybody is different, so its important to find what you like and not to be afraid of trying different things you would never normally try.

My first juicer was given to me and I loved it! I could literally throw anything in it and it didn't disappoint, it just threw back at me amazing flavours! I recently decided it was time to get a little more with the times and treat myself to a shiny new one. Funny story really… as I was showing my friend how it worked, my shiny new juicer decided it didn't like the amount or what I was putting in it and decided to start to make some terrible noises. Rather than decanting a lovely fresh juice it threw out lots of smoke instead! Needless to say… Sam and the new juicer did NOT get off to a great start, but with a little patience, trial and a few errors were now getting along just fine! The moral of the story is to get to know the limits of your new machine, test it out, play around and whatever you do try not to break it! (Wise words I know)

A lot of people have been emailing me asking which blender or juicer I recommend. I think it's fairly easy to go to the ones we hear of the most. For example a Nutri-bullet, that being one of the popular names, also comes with a top end price tag. But only achieved 78% Best buy rating by Which magazine, it wouldn't necessarily be my first choice. Don't get me wrong it is a great piece of equipment but there are also many others on offer, especially this time of year for a fraction of the price. The juicer I'm using at the moment is the PHILIPS Viva HR1855/01 its quite compact and really easy to clean, that can be half the battle with juicers its like a Rubix cube trying to put the dam things back together! 

I would love to hear more from you guys and your thoughts on the juicer/blenders you're using at the moment-

Twitter - @theyoghurtpot 


Have a lovely week, wrap up warm and eat your greens.


Sam xxx


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