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January 12, 2016

 I just don't think this guy gets enough credit… The good old green fruit that most people turn their nose up at just because of its appearance and the huge misconception that its bad for you. Well I have news for you people… 

The Avocado is awesome! Its full of fat I hear you say! It sure is but not all fats are the same. 

 On one hand we have ‘Saturated Fats’ that are really great at raising cholesterol and increasing the risk of heart disease (Dislike) we like to call those ones ‘Bad Fats’. Then on the other hand we have ‘Unsaturated Fats’ that also go by the name of ‘Good Fats’ that our bodies actually need and love. They are also a great substitute for ‘Bad Fats’ for example instead of spreading margarine on your toast why not try spreading avocado over it instead? Come on don't pull that face…What if I told you that margarine actually increases cholesterol and in fact without colouring, margarine isn't actually yellow? Yak! I know which one has my vote!


Avocados come with their own natural packaging. Their thick skin protects them, you can't eat the skin, that would just be silly but it comes in handy for shielding the green goodness inside.  The best way to store avocados is at room temperature until they’re ripe and ready to eat. You can always tell if an avocado is ripe by giving it a gentle squeeze — if it yields to that light pressure, your good to go!

 I have to admit, I have not long converted to becoming a fan of the avocado, it developed after the time I spent travelling in Australia, those guys literally put it with everything! And well I figured those guys down under are known to live such healthy, active lifestyles surly it cant be bad for you!

As well as playing the starring role in the well known dip guacamole, avocados work well accompanied by eggs, salads, chicken, and my new favourite, is in a breakfast smoothie. It doesn't sound like the most likely ingredient but its super creamy texture makes it a great replacement for yogurts, and adds a really great texture to your smoothies.

 One of my favourite breakfast smoothie recipes would have to be:

 1 Banana
 ½, Ripe avocado
 ½ Cup strawberries
 1 Teaspoon of honey
 1  Sprinkle of cinnamon to taste
 1 Handful of spinach (because Popeye said so)

 Topped up with almond milk. The amount depending on how thick I like my smoothie.


So simple and the ingredients can be swapped for different berries or greens, like the nations good old favourite kale, which also works really well. It’s really surprising actually how filling it can be. Its super easy and tasty when if like myself your in such a hurry your still making it as you're walking out of the door, this one is perfect when time isn't on your side. A great tip is also to add two tablespoons of oats can also be added if your super hungry to keep you going for longer! Oh god I'm beginning to sound like a Weetabix advert! 

 Basically if you haven't got the gist already with my favourite fibre rich item of fresh produce, give them a try. Never underestimate the power of the avocado. Who knows you might even like it!


Sam xxx

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