What is it with that horrible word diet?!!

December 29, 2015 1 Comment

So that time of year has come around again hasn't it…Bloody January! 

The month that we all start with the best intentions, exercise more, stop smoking, lose weight, get Leonardo Di Caprio to fall head over heels for you.  All pretty standard realistic goals.

 But why can’t new years resolutions be more fun? We all seem to have the attitude of its all or nothing! Cut out everything you love and punish your self for about 2 weeks till you crack up and want to kill someone! 

The build up to January is always fun too, allowing yourself to plough trillions of calories into your body because it’s ok, in January, everything is going to change and we’re all going to turn into supermodels. I know this first hand because I'm a professional at it, well except the super model part!!! 

Who doesn't have a weakness for food that happens to taste incredible but also just so happens to be so so bad for you too! My goodness I’ve had my fair share of fad diets, the latest crazes and what can I say, I just love food. I have to admit, I'm one of those stupid foodies that gets excited when a meal is served in a restaurant, and reaches for the camera on my phone, not really sure why as it doesn't make it taste any better. 

Of course, everyone wants to look their best, I understand that. I know I will always want to be slimmer than what I am, but I think over the last year or so I have come to realise the worry and the pressure of wanting to be thinner kind of makes me go the other way.

So this is my New Years resolution, one I’ve never made before, and there’s not a diet in sight! I’m going for a life style change, why starve yourself and put yourself though things you don't enjoy? So I’m making the resolution that I’m going to take the time, and the preparation to create amazing and tasty creations, that are good for my body. To look after my body, to get fitter (Kind of no choice on that one considering I've got a place in the London marathon this year!) but to be happy in myself and with myself. Slowly but surely the bad cravings go away. Start as you mean to go on, we’re playing the long game here… Its called life! Everything you love in moderation, but I think we already know that one. 

 If I have a bad day or eat something I shouldn't my resolution isn't to beat myself up about it for hours but to draw a line under it and get back on track. Moderation and exercise is key.

Love your body and fuel it what it needs and it will repay you for it. A great way to start getting the best of what your body needs is juicing & smoothies. If you’re new to the juicing/smoothie world, not a clue where to start and trying to master measurements? The best way I found when finding your feet is a great old fashioned method of trial and error! If its gross, down the sink it goes! But thats where I come in.  After a great deal of practice I've created some simple easy to follow recipes, that should enable us to avoid the throwing down the sink pulling a funny face situation, and create more of a party in your mouth situation instead!!! 

But the most important thing to remember, the key ingredient to everything I do is to have fun. Enjoy what you create, and don't forget…vegetables are the answer to everything!!!


Happy New Year Yoghurt pots, Lets make it a good one xxxxx

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December 30, 2015

Your blog posts make me so happy. Particularly this one, so uplifting!! Happy New Year & here’s to health and happiness, not fad diets & unhappiness!

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