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December 20, 2015 1 Comment

Christmas is an exciting but stressful time of year for us all, especially those of us in the vegetable world! On my family’s farm it's just crazy, we’re harvesting thousands upon thousands of those funny little green things we all love to hate, that end up on all of our plates on the big day… Sprouts!!!

One of the things I do love about this time of year is that lots of people, rather than opting for the usual convenience of going to the Supermarket, actually remember their local greengrocer or farm shop for their Christmas dinners to pick up fresh locally sourced ingredients.


As well as becoming a professional “Yoghurt Pot “ (yes that’s my new title by the way!) I also work along side my Dad at The Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market in Liverpool. A business that my Grandad started over 30 years ago. Before the rise of the dreaded supermarket, the wholesale market used to be a thriving place, buzzing in fact. I love to hear all of the stories my Grandad loves to tell us of how things used to be. 

 Unfortunately now the majority of the public now chooses to pick up their greens in the supermarket rather than going to get their veggies from the local greengrocer or market trader. I know it’s convenient, but the really sad because the reality is that that convenience has resulted in thousands of family run greengrocer shops to go out of business.

I've been lucky enough to spend my life growing up between the farm or at the market and I do have to tell you…the hours these guys put in, its incredible, I talk to people everyday that have done it their whole lives, believe me their wrinkles tell me they are not telling lies!  

 From the farmer who spends hours at a time out in those fields no matter how extreme the weather, to the tired but always enthusiastic shop keeper, every effort goes into hand selecting the best produce, arguing the best prices, to make sure their customers get nothing but the very best on their plates at meal times.

 Wouldn’t it be great to go back to the good old days when your local business was the only way? I’ve seen how hard these people work, especially at this time of year, the long hours they put in.  I know as my Dad is one of them, and when his alarm goes off at 1.30am, yes I did just say 1.30am, to do what he loves and does so well, it does cross my mind does Mr Supermarket put in that much effort?

I could go on all day long about this subject, trust me, I have already tried to convince everyone at the Glastonbury festival this summer not to buy fruit & vegetable from Supermarkets! But I think you get my drift. Look after the small businesses in your area, as they compete against the ‘big guys’ to give you only the best, of what they care so passionately about.

I want to wish your all a very very big Yoghurt Pot Merry Christmas, I hope you all get all the lovely things you asked for and if you didn't then it's your own fault because you must have been naughty and not eaten all of your vegetables!!!

I should really think about starting my christmas shopping soon!!! 

Have a good one!



A.K.A. Professional Yoghurt Pot Lady! xx

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December 20, 2015

Loving your blogs xx

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