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April 07, 2016

Spring has finally arrived!

Now, is it just me or did you think the rain was never going to go away too? Well, I’m glad it has, the light nights are here too. Yippee!!! 

What an exciting year so far, The Yoghurt Pot has got off to an amazing start, plus there’s so many new exciting things coming our way! But I'm not saying too much about that, you’re just going to have to wait and see. Ssssshhhhhh!



The last few weeks have been crazy, as a lot of you may already know, I’ve been in training for sometime now with the aim to complete the London marathon on April 24th, THIS YEAR! I have to admit, I can be quite impulsive at times and am always looking for the next adventure. I had the great idea to run a marathon, so after a few enquiries I managed to get myself a place running for Sense UK ( - a national charity who supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deaf-blind or have sensory impairments. A great cause as I’m sure you will agree. 


So far I have managed to raise a pretty cool £2200 and with the marathon being just 2 weeks away you can only imagine how nervous I am! If there’s anything, I totally underestimated how mentally challenging it would be, but after months of training in the beautiful English weather (Yack), I can safely say that after a few injuries, 3 pairs of trainers, and a few well needed tears, I am ready.

I am going to give this my best shot, even if I run, walk, crawl or get carried over the finish line, nothing will stop me getting to that finish line.

I have always been unhappy with my body, and conscious of what people will say when I tell them that I'm running a marathon. I'm no stick insect and I am definitely no athlete, but over the last few days I’ve come to realise that although I may not be a skinny mini, I have managed to run many miles and cover distances I never ever dreamed that I could.  Last weekend I had one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. With my great coach, I managed to cover 17.5miles in 3hours 11mins over some wild terrain, where there were no roads, just woodland and sand dunes and I LOVED it. I can safely say I’ve gained a bit more of the confidence back that I needed to get me through the big day in London.


I think that with the help of the right nutrition (Lots of veggies!) and finding the exercise that you enjoy, whether it be walking, skipping, swimming or cycling, it can make you feel much so better and happier about yourself. I have a friend that will not go to the gym because she thinks that she is too fat. That’s crazy! Bonkers in fact! Or when someone says “I can’t run”, well that is just the silliest sentence ever! 

I have so much admiration for people not only in the gym, but running or on their bikes because they’re doing something that they want to do and enjoying it. More importantly, it will benefit their lifestyles and health. Caring what people think isn't important, feeling good about yourself is! FACT!

So get outside, feel motivated and happy and more than anything I have to listen to my own advice on this one but to believe in yourself that you can do anything when you put not only your mind but a bucket load of effort into it too! Enjoy the weather while we can! We have a great playground on our doorsteps that’s totally free! Enjoy!!!


Have a great week and Happy Sunday!




x x x x x

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